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One of the questions we are asked the most, is "Which BOB do you recommend?"  Since we don't want to play favorites, we are listing each category alphabetically by vendor, but it will be all of the BOBs we know of.  Please keep in mind that we are not endorsing any particular BOBs, but rather letting you know which ones we know of. 

We are linking to the Vendor's home or landing pages, and their specific product pages.  However, we have no control over what they say, do, or claim there; you will be at external sites.

Here is our FAQ page for the other common questions about BOBs.


General Purpose BOBs





A Florida based manufacturer of quality CNC parts.

  • C6   - Variable Speed Control Board (Step Signals)


  • C10   - Bidirectional Parallel Port Interface Card (Screw Terminals)


  • C10S - Bidirectional Parallel Port Interface Card (Push Lock Terminals) 


  • C11  - Multi-function CNC Board (Screw Terminals)


  • C11GS - Multi-function CNC Board (Push Lock Terminals)


  • C13 - Basic Breakout Board


  • C25 - Dual Port SmoothStepper Board(Screw Terminals)


  • C25S - Dual Port SmoothStepper Board(Push Lock Terminals)


  • C32S - Dual Port Multi-function CNC Board


  • C41 - PWM Variable Speed Control Board


  • C52 - ESS Third Port Expansion Board  


  • C53 - ESS Third Port Expansion Board for Encoders


  • C62 - Dual Port Multi-function Board





HobbyCNC: On the Linked page, click on the learn more button! 

HobbyCNC logo


  •  HobbyCNC PRO 4-Axis Board  Control 3 or 4 stepper motors from your computers printer port! Ideal For Desktop Machining and Robots! Control Routers, Lathes, Mills, PCB Drillers, and Engravers! Just About Anything!


  •  HobbyCNC EZ Board Control 3 stepper motors from your computers printer port! Ideal For Desktop Machining and Robots! DIY CNC Routers, DIY CNC Lathes, Mills, PCB Drillers, and Engravers! Just About Anything!
    EZ Board




Homann Designs

Homann Designs

Located in Australia






Products for CNC and motion control applications since 1998. Design, manufacturing, and support based in the USA.

  • PMDX-126 The PMDX-126 is an isolated breakout board with support for 9 inputs, 16 outputs, and an interface (via optional PMDX-107) for controlling a VFD.  It is recommended that the ESS use a 5V power supply separate from that of the PMDX-126 (and the ESS should not power the PMDX-126). The internal power supply in the PMDX-126 cannot run any other accessories if you power the ESS from it.
    PMDX 126





Weerasak: Located in Thailand 



  • The MB2 is an Industrial environment BOB, featuring: 6 Axis Line driver; I/O that utilizes all 3 ports of the ESS; OSSD safety output; Status LEDs for all signals; Requires a single 24V power supply.   Support LinkProduct Manual in English.









 The HG08 allows for 5 axes, a Relay and 4 limit switches.  Here is its manual.






eBay Distributed BOBs that customers ask about:




This ST-V2 board uses a 74HC244 logic chip that drives 6 mA. This should work for most motor drivers, but not necessarily ALL motor drivers! You will need to check the motor driver specs to know for sure.

Also, if you are directly feeding it 12V, you may or may not have enough headroom to drive your 0-10V signal all the way up to 10V. You may need to use a higher supply voltage to get all the way up to 10V.

Notes: Pins 2-9 are not bidirectional so will always be outputs (to the best of our knowledge).

5 Axis MACH3 CNC Breakout Board Interface for Stepper Motor Driver. 
Brand: StepperOnline
UPC: 0705701867036
Model: US056



Motor Driver Boards with Parallel Port connector




Gecko Drive


A California based manufacturer of Motor Drivers.

  •  G540 - 4-Axis Digital Step Drive, PWM to 0-10VDC VFD output, E-Stop input, 4 inputs for switches, 2 relay outputs


  • G320







 They have lots of Stepper drivers, more than we will list here.

  • MX4660 is a 4 axis driver.  Please use a ribbon cable to connect the SmoothStepper to the MX4660's CN1: DB25 header, which will allow you to control the motors.  DO NOT CONNECT the SmoothStepper to the MX4660's CN10: 26 pin header, it does not have motor signal inputs.     The CN10 is an expansion port for the 4th axis.





THC (Torch Height Controller)

This section woefully under represents the number of THC controllers out there.




This section woefully under represents the number of Pendants out there.  Pleas let us know of ones we should add.


  • Shuttle Express


  • XBox controller.  If you have an XBox controller, you can use it with a Mach3 plugin or a Mach4 plugin.




Spindle Only Control Boards






How Do I Get My BOB Listed?

If you are a BOB vendor or manufacturer we will gladly add you to the list, just This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us with these details.

1) Your company name, company logo (up to 500 pixels wide by 100 pixels tall), a company webpage you want your logo to link to, and a short description about your company.   The page you want us to link to will be on your site, and you can update it as you wish.

2) For each BOB product (not connectors or miscellaneous add-ons, but for each individual BOB) list the following:

  • Category (General Purpose, Torch Height Control, VFD controller, etc..)  (We have already listed a few categories on this page, but we are open to a few new categories).
  • Model Number or Name
  • Product Web Page (that the Model Number or Name will link to).
  • Product image
  • A short one sentence description about its features.




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