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We have numerous resources to help you get up and running with a SmoothStepper! 


Purchasing a SmoothStepper and other components

You may purchase directly from Warp9 Tech Design.

You may purchase from our Distributors.

You may purchase from our Solution Partners who also sell complete systems.



Mailing Lists

We realize that some people don't wish to monitor our Forums or read through our entire website on a regular basis, yet still want to be informed of updates to our SmoothStepper plugins or significant news from Warp9 Tech Design. 

In order to address this, we have created five different mailing lists to help keep you up to date. You can choose which ones to sign up for, and you can unsubscribe at any time.  These lists are read only; we will be the only ones sending emails out on the lists.  Each mailing will typically have a forum post associated with, where a discussion may occur. 

The mailing lists are:

  • News from Warp9 Tech Design - Maybe 10 times per year. We will announce important information regarding our Company, Products, Website and/or Support.
  • ESS Plugin Mach3 - We will post when a significant plugin update has occurred.
  • ESS Plugin Mach4 - We will post when a significant plugin update has occurred, or a significant Mach4 release has occurred.
  • USS Plugin Mach3 - We will post when a significant plugin update has occurred.
  • USS Plugin Mach4 - We will post when the initial development plugins are available for use, or a significant Mach4 release has occurred.



Online Resources


Our Getting Started page walks you though a lot of information you need to know!


Our product specifications for the USB and Ethernet SmoothSteppers.


We have a YouTube channel, which has videos showing how to do a lot of the setup and configuration for the SmoothSteppers.  The main YouTube page also has additional videos that are not included in the playlists.

Our YouTube playlists to guide you through:


Our Software and plugin downloads:

Recommended version of Mach3

Recommended version of Mach4

SCU (System Configuration Utility) for the ESS (Ethernet SmoothStepper)

ESS Mach3 Plugin

ESS Mach4 Plugin

ESS Configurator

Windows Driver for the USS (USB SmoothStepper)

USS Mach3 Plugin

USS Mach4 Plugin


Our documentation for the:

SCU (System Configuration Utility)

ESS (Ethernet SmoothStepper)

USS (USB SmoothStepper)




Our Frequently Asked Questions pages; there are 6 of them.




We have a Troubleshooting page here.



Types of Support Provided

This forum is meant to support the SmoothStepper's (ESS & USS) integration into Mach3 & Mach4, and to help people get their SmoothSteppers up and running. 

In general we don't recommend specific BOBs or motor drivers, but we have a list of commonly used ones by our users.

In general we don't recommend specific CAD or CAM software, but we have a list of commonly used ones by our users.

In general we don't recommend a specific Distributor  or  Solution partner, but we do list the ones we work with.

The SmoothStepper and its plugins work with Mach3 (ESS & USS) and Mach4 (ESS only at the moment) and the SmoothSteppers are able to work with lua and VB scripts(pass data back and forth through Mach). However, the implementation and development of lua and VB scripting is beyond the scope of the support that we provide. It becomes very user and machine dependent, and there are too many variables to handle. We don't have the resources to help people with their individual scripting problems.

There may be others who can provide additional scripting help for you on the MachSupport forum. Also you may find the Programing in Lua book to be a good resource into learning lua in depth (which helps tremendously when writing scripts). However, you may also need to consider hiring someone who specializes in lua to help you with the development of your specific scripts.



For support, please start with our online Forum.  The questions you have were likely asked there already.  In order to view and post in the forum, you will first need to Register.

If you are having problems PLEASE INCLUDE the following information in your post:

  1. If you are using an ESS or USS.
  2. If you are using Mach3 or Mach4, and which version.
  3. Which version of the SmoothStepper plugin you are using.
  4. Also please include your .XML profile if it is Mach3, or your .ini profile if it is Mach4

Please note, that you must have a valid copy of Windows.   If your computer says that "This copy of Windows is not Genuine" it is very possible that Windows is interfering with communications between Mach and the SmoothStepper, and we will not provide support until you have a fully function windows installation. 

This also goes for Mach, if you have a hacked or pirated license we will not provide support, since Mach3 will cripple functionality in strange ways with an invalid license.  You may use an unlicensed or demo version, just realize that they will limit how much you can do.



Online Support

If we determine that a remote session is the best way to help fix your problem, we may ask to let us connect into your computer, so we can address the problem.    

  • Please download the TeamViewer software from this primary link or the TeamViewer software from this secondary link.  It will not install onto your computer; it will just run from the file.
  • Please do not change the name of the TeamViewer file when you download it!  The strange name at the end associates it with our logo and company name.
  • Please use TeamViewer 11 since TeamViewer 12 is incompatible with our license.
  • Once you run TeamViewer, it will give you an ID (9 or 10 digits) and Password (4 digits) that which will allow us to connect to your system.  Please reply to the email we will send to you with the ID and Password.
  • We will typically converse with you through notepad while we are on TeamViewer.
  • We will have you run the spindle and move the motors yourself since you are present at your machine.

Remote support requires either a second Ethernet connection to the internet or a WiFi connection to the internet.  If your computer has neither, a low cost USB to WiFi adapter (usually in the $10 to $20 range at Amazon) will allow for the connection to the internet that is required for online support.



Contact Us:

  • For Sales related questions, please send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • For Technical Support related questions, please use the Forum first.  Otherwise, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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